24Crowns are commonly used dental restorations. Crowns used to be of one variety, porcelain fused to metal. This is still one of the strongest crowns made today but new technology now allows dentists to use all porcelain crowns in a high cosmetic area. Captek is also a newer crown which is more cosmetic than PFM (Porcelain Fused to Metal) and stronger than all porcelain. Which type is best suited for you can only be decided between you and your doctor.

There are many reasons that a crown would be your ideal choice for restoration:

  • A large cavity is endangering the health of your tooth.
  • Once a tooth has become root canaled, it is extremely fragile and weak.
  • A tooth that is needed as an anchor to a removable partial may be inadequate for such a task. (The anchor tooth is where the partial will clasp for stability). In this situation, a crown can be placed on the anchor tooth with the proper dimensions needed for the support.
  • Implant crowns are used for the final restoration of an implant when replacing missing teeth.
  • Aesthetically, crowns are a perfect solution when a veneer is not an option for one reason or another. Some examples of this situation would be someone who clinches or grinds their teeth or has too much decay or fracture within the tooth structure.

Porcelain Crowns**
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****All of the upper teeth were restored with Porcelain Crowns. We will be restoring the lower teeth in the future**