21Dentures continue to be one of the most perplexing of dental procedures. If you are trying to decide if you should remove all your teeth to get dentures please click on over denture attachments before you decide. If you already have dentures but are unhappy with them read on.

Loose dentures are the result of a number of possible problems. In the order of occurrence: 
1. Improper biting pattern
Denture teeth not hitting evenly.
Solution: This is sometimes possible to correct by having dentist adjust the bite of your denture.

2. Space between tissue and denture
Space creates a suction leak and assures a loose fitting denture.
Solution: Usually an in office reline will correct the problem and you will not be without your teeth.

3. Inadequate coverage of tissue by denture
A broken denture that inadequately covers tissue, reduces the suction a denture could have.
Solution: Again an in house reline should fix the problem.

4. Lack of saliva or too much saliva
This can result in a lack of suction. This can be caused by medication changes, radiation treatment, or aging.
Solution: Over denture attachment or soft liner to cushion tissue.

5. Inadequate ridge
Insufficient bone to support the denture.
Solution: Over denture attachment or soft liner to cushion tissue.

6. Unhappy with looks
Solution: New denture with wax try in.

7. I want my teeth back
Solution: Hybrid denture.

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