Teeth whitening is one of the most popular cosmetic procedures there are. We offer two types of teeth whitening: Zoom (in office) and Nite White (take home). Zoom is applied by a certified assistant during a 3 hour procedure in our office. It’s perfect for our patients who want instantaneous results, on average you will leave 4-8 shades lighter. The Nite White take home kit allows you the convenience of daytime or nighttime whitening, even while you sleep.

What is Zoom?
Zoom whitening is a product of the brand, Philips, since it uses a special Philips Zoom lamp to activate the whitening solution. This lamp is superior to many others used in dentistry since it can accelerate the bleaching process, and this helps it to deliver the outstanding results that Zoom whitening is known for. I

Zoom whitening uses an agent that is 25% hydrogen peroxide, which is significantly more than any over the counter whitening solution. Once this is in place, the Zoom lamp will be directed on to your teeth where the two work together to penetrate the teeth and break up stains and discoloration. The whole process is carried out in three or four 15-minute sessions, all undertaken in just one appointment. Exactly how many you will need will depend on the shade you hope to achieve and the initial color of your teeth.

Immediately after your whitening procedure, you will have a sensitivity-reducing fluoride gel or paste applied to your teeth. This is because teeth are known to be particularly sensitive in the days and weeks after bleaching. You will also be provided with a ‘touch-up’ tray to take home and use to help maintain your results. You will also be given specific instructions as to things that you can do and things that you should avoid so that you can enjoy your new, whiter smile for longer.

Is Zoom Safe?
Short Answer, Yes! The concentrations used in cosmetic dentistry, bleaching agents have been shown not to damage the enamel, and there is no evidence of softening or stripping of the enamel. However, around half of patients will experience some sensitivity of their teeth in the days and weeks after their procedure. This effect is usually temporary and is largely believed to be caused by dehydration of the teeth that occurs during the bleaching process. The sensitivity-reducing fluoride gel that will be applied after your Zoom whitening procedure will help to counteract this, but you may also wish to avoid hot/very cold drinks and very sweet products for at least a week following your appointment.
Whitening is the easiest, least expensive way to improve your smile. All of the home methods that you see advertised work for most people however they are not as concentrated and take longer. If you want faster and more professional results, call us to schedule an appointment to talk about your options.

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1) Jump start your teeth whitening with In office Zoom! Complete in just a couple hours

2) Nite WhiteTake home kit takes 1 week