Our office is constantly striving to stay cutting edge with the latest technological advances in dentistry. Some examples of our most recent upgrades are:

Digital X-ray Imaging

  • Provides better quality and better recording.
  • Allows for less patient exposure to radiation.

Electronic Hand Pieces

  • Much more quiet than traditional and better precision.

Operatory Computerization

  • Allows for better record keeping.

Automated Endodontics

  • Allows for a more efficient and less stressful root canal appointment.

Digital Photography

  • Great before and after pictures available in patients file.

Nanotech Resin Fillings

  • Smaller particle size gives better bonding and better polishing.

Automated Hygiene

  • Reduces scraping of teeth and yields better results.

In The Field of Anesthesia (Pain Control)

Our office uses the latest techniques including:

  • Novacaine has little use in today’s dental office. Now a wide variety allow our dentist to choose which is correct for the patient and procedure.
  • Carbocaine-has no epinephrine in solution and does not cause heart to race.
  • Articaine-the most effective numbing.
  • Lidocaine-standard use.
  • Marcaine-long lasting for longer procedures.
  • Topical is always applied to the tissue prior to numbing which greatly reduces any sensation.
  • X-tip is a procedure we find helpful for hard to numb teeth and is very effective.
  • Nitrous gas will soon be available for all dental procedures.
  • Our office has always prescribed pre-meds to help reduce anxiety levels during procedures. Do not hesitate to request this service to make your experience more comfortable.
  • Sedation will be available as of September 2010 for selected procedures.